Storage ‘Golden casks’ Diy

Altar and Apothecary storage with recycled wine casks for storage coated golden copper…

… Perfect storage for files, papers, crafts, cables, so on the ‘Free’. I personally don’t drink any alcohol, but these empty casks are brilliant and are aplenty at the supermarket/bottle o’. Usually at a recycle in pile, or simply ask for any empty casks. Give coats of paint, cover with contact or even decoupage and there you go awesome storage. These are also perfect for filing bulk sorting A4 documents. Just lay down flat and file. These ones were painted golden for added alchemist warmth. These days I use the boxes to home the decor for each season. As an example I have around two boxes per the eight seasons and one holds a heap of crochet red capped mushrooms, acorns Ivy for Bealtainne.

Each year I add a little more, especially in way of DIY. This makes changing over altars, decor around the home and my pagan tree every couple of months to suit the season all that much more of a joy, whilst maintaining an organized space. Each cask has its contents around the named season box. Such as Maypole, May ribbons, May flowers, Mushrooms, Acorns etc around the Label of Bealtainne on the Bealtainne box. Which brings me to a though, that I should do a haul of giving through my seasonal decor stashes box by box with all the little stories the baubles hold, which is another good reason to build up ones collection over the years.

Each bauble baths in the energy of the season and becomes more imbued with the intentions year after year. Going through one can also see just how much one’s crafting ability to bring in the spirits and nature spirits of one’s ancestors has grown. A visual diary if you like. One can obviously use any other box but I’m right into upcycling recycling things especially from natural resources. From the chapter ‘Storage

What I Used;

  • Copper cans of spray paint
  • Gold cans of spray paint
  • Wine casks
  • Safety glasses/gloves and mask to protect from fumes/wet paint


  • Safety up
  • Spray a few coats of paint allowing at least a few hours of drying in between
  • You may need to spray over embossed writing in black first
  • Allow to dry overnight before use

By Druid & Witch of the old ways,
And Priestess of the Morrigan, Ravenmor Fox
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© Bohemefit

Originally Published July 17th 2017-07-17

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